Our Vision

Oak Ridge First Baptist Church


Vision & Mission Statements

Spiritual Objectives

Short & Long Range Goals


The Importance of Having a Written Vision

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“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”

Proverbs 29:18


Vision Statement

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“Building the body of Christ with the Word of God”


Mission Statement

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To reflect the love of Christ by being a holistic ministry that

addresses the whole person—mind, body and spirit


Spiritual Objectives

*  Edify Christ through benevolent missions, moral living and proclaiming the gospel

* Encourage individuals to reach their full potential in Christ

*  Equip individuals with resources and opportunities to spiritually and physically build the temple of God and His people

*  Educate individuals on Christ’s mandate (Matt. 28:19-20) and how to carry it out


Short Range Goals

*  Institute Missions Program—Give 10% of church income (tithe) to missions

* Coordinate Quarterly Leadership Meetings—Auxiliary and Department Leaders

*  Offer Second Church Service

*  Broadcast Service Weekly on T.V.

* Offer More Christian Educational Opportunities


Long Range Goals

*   Build Family Life Center

*  Develop Mini-Bible Studies

*  Offer College Degree Courses


How to Accomplish Goals

          Individual Involvement              

                                *  Prayer   *  Commitment                                         

 * Physical Support   *  Financial Support           

Ministry Involvement

*  Leadership   *  Direction

 * Accountability    *  Servant Attitude


Ministry Involvement

*  Every ministry activity should accomplish at least one of our spiritual objectives

(edify, encourage, equip and educate).

*   Supporting our spiritual objectives will help bring our goals to fruition.

*    Each ministry will determine how best to accomplish our spiritual objectives.

However, specific directions may be given, if needed.


Share the Blessings

*    At future Church Conferences, ministry leaders will be asked to

give a brief “praise report” of their ministry work/activities

and link them to our spiritual objectives.